Þak pappi ehf. uses only the best material available from Technonicol that meets all the quality requirements set in Europe. When using quality products, the result will be better finishes and works of the highest order. All the material we use can also be purchased from directly us at a reasonable price.

Mida Balt
  • Substrate made of waterproof SBS polyester-enhanced bitumen.
  • Made from SBS rubber (styrene-bytadiene-styrene), bitumen, and filling.
  • This underlayment provides reliable water surfaces that can be found on flat roofs, among other things.
  • Suitable as a substrate and moisture barrier on wooden roofs.
Mida Technoelast 4mm
  • Suitable for Icelandic conditions
  • Quartz sand on the surface
  • Waterproof substrate made of SBS-polyester-enhanced bitumen
  • Substrate with the best durability and quality as well as technical parameter
Mida Technoelast 4mm Grey Slates
  • Waterproof surface made of SBS polyester-enhanced bitumen
  • The best technical parameters, quality and durability available
  • On the surface there are stone grains that act as sunscreen and thus protect the roofing felt
  • Suitable for Icelandic conditions
Technicol XPS Carbon prof 300
  • Insulation that is XPS waterproof
  • Strong and results in low heat
  • Absorbs almost no water
  • Suitable for facing roofs
Bitumen base
Bitumen Prime Coating
  • High-quality jade / tar base that allows tar paper to adhere to concrete and other types of substrate.